Verdis Anniversary

Foundation Day

Today marks 5 years since the of the Free Republic of Verdis was founded.

30 May 2024

Why such a small anniversary celebration?

We are putting funding towards more important issues, such as getting back on the land after the destruction of the settlement by Croatian authorities

Some of our many achievements since Verdis' previous Foundation Day

We began providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Since our previous Foundation Day, we began providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This includes radios being sent to Kyiv, the assistance with physical movement of humanitarian items from the Republic of Poland to Ukraine, and assisted with general development in educational entities such as kindergartens, including toys and smart televisions.

We began our permanent settlement

In October, we started our permanent settlement, which was an extremely big step in Verdis’ nation-building goals. Verdisian settlers came from all over Europe, and many essentials were donated by supporters and investors. We also made a lot of progress in cadastral mapping and surveying leading up to the settlement.

The settlement was quickly destroyed by Croatian police, who violated international law by entering Verdis and detaining citizens on October 12 2023. Regardless of this, the settlement was seen as a big step in Verdis’ progress and we are committed to getting back on to the land as soon as possible, and continue operating as a state, even in exile.

You can read more about the illegal actions taken by Croatian police by clicking here.

Statement from the President

Today we celebrate Verdis’ 5th anniversary since its creation. Even though this is a milestone year, given the circumstances, we decided a simple statement and run through of the previous year would be the best way of celebrating this anniversary, as funds and other essentials are of course being put towards the development of our state, and getting back on our land.

Since Verdis’ previous Foundation Day, we have more progress in one go than any previous year. For starters, we increased mapping and surveying trips in the country for the permanent settlement.

We also began providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. I have been on two of these trips, and we will continue to do what we can to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and hopefully, more regions in the future as Verdis continues to grow. Right now, some of this aid has slowed down due to the invasion of Verdis by Croatian authorities, which is taking up a lot of our resources.

We also began the permanent settlement in October last year, although this was quickly invaded by Croatian authorities, who forced settlers into Croatia, and banned them. Croatian authorities violated international law, and we are continuing to do everything we can to get out of exile, and back on the land as possible. We will not give up, no matter how much they try to inconvenience us.

We have also made many other achievements in the field of the international community, and many other important state necessities.

Also thank you to everyone who has contributed to and supported Verdis so far over the past five years. There is still a long way to go, but we will get there.

Thank you, and happy foundation day everyone.

Daniel Jackson
President of the Free Republic of Verdis

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